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Medical Device Sales and Distribution

After obtaining a CE mark and with clinical trial proven efficacy, the time comes to focus on ROI. TRIQ is your ideal partner to set up and drive your distribution within the EU as we have the combination of unique skills;

  • Proven track record with Medical Devices
  • EU wide representation
  • EU Medical Devices (MD) distribution and logistics
  • Medical Devices regulatory expertise
  • Experienced Field Clinical Support for invasive MD’s
  • Physician training on new MD’s and procedures
  • Wide network with leading clinics throughout the EU
  • Experience with hospital buying groups
  • Health Economics support
  • Legal Representation (LR) for non-EU MD manufacturers conducting trials in the EU
  • MD consulting


TRIQ GROUP your unique partner in sales

The combination of the expertise and skills within TRIQ Group offer a unique service, not only for setting up a distribution channel, but ensuring high level training and expert support for the customers.

Our Health Economics team can complete peer research and comparison to existing or similar products / solutions complete with a value based proposition in the format required by the buying groups and health insurers.

For any new applications requiring clinical research, TRIQ can manage those trials from start to finish in full compliance with 2017/745 MDR and any applicable EU or National regulation.

TRIQ Group, your single source service provider

If you are looking for full scale support, TRIQ Group is your best partner. Call or Email us to discuss your projects and individual needs.

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