Clinical Trials Supply Management

On-time delivery and flawless device accountability are crucial for all Medical Device Trials to be successful.

Medical Device Management

TRIQ supports non-EU-based companies and start-ups planning to conduct a Medical Device Clinical Investigation in the EU. We offer tailor-made solutions for your requirements, including import, storage, distribution, testing, labelling and tracking.

TRIQ will train the clinical sites on device accountability, including receipt, storage, use, return and destruction of the Medical Device and correct documentation requirements in a clinical investigation.

TRIQ can support the clinical sites in handling and reporting device deficiencies.

This lets you focus on your core business while we handle end-to-end device distribution and compliance.

Medical Devices Process

TRIQ has SOPs to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, guidelines and regulations.

Handling Medical Devices intended for a Clinical Investigation Trial requires a deep knowledge of the applicable regulatory requirements and process experience. Accurate Medical Device accountability is essential to demonstrate compliance.

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