Health Economics & Outcomes Research

We offer integrated solutions throughout the life cycle of healthcare technologies; from early assessment, through value proposition, evidence synthesis, health technology assessment (global & local), and value communication & dissemination.

The Ultimate Goal

Obtaining Market approval (CE mark) is an important milestone but not the end of the road. Yes, you can sell your Medical Device freely, but finding large acceptance from payers such as health insurers at value based price is a different story and requires a well designed strategy to achieve successfuly.

TRIQ Reimbursement Support

Return On Investment (ROI) is a key driver in seeking recognition by Payers that the Medical Device’s efficacy is worth buying at a given price. The trick is how to prove to the payers that it is in their best interest to invest in this Medical Device / Therapy to minimize costs that would otherwise be incurred if the Medical Device had not been used (long term hospitalization, recurrent hospitalizations and medicine costs).

This is a complex task and depends on variables i.e. the medical indication, number of alternative solutions,  total procedureal costs, long term outcomes etc.etc. The sheer diversity of Medical Devices and their applications makes a tailor made assessment and strategy essential.

Our Solutions

There are several key elements to assess and communicate value to stakeholders depending on their individual needs;

Early assessment

  • Investment opportunity assessment
  • Indication & therapeutic landscaping
  • Early cost effectiveness models

Value proposition

  • Unmet medical need
  • Advisory boards / Delphi panels
  • Value story development
  • Global value dossier

Evidence synthesis

  • Systematic literature review
  • Meta-analysis & indirect comparisons
  • Observational studies and RWE analysis

Health technology assessment (core & local adaptations)

  • Cost effectiveness analysis
  • Budget impact analysis
  • HTA dossiers and local submissions

Value communication & dissemination

  • HTA capacity building
  • Training
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Scientific papers
  • Conference presentations

The unique combination of Clinical Study Support geared towards the most important ROI goal can be found at TRIQ.

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